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I don’t know actually.  I think I have a lot of misguided thoughts & putting them into some sort of journal form just doesn’t work.  It’s like I want people to know what I’m thinking; I just don’t want to know any of those people!  Yes, I could spill my guts to a therapist type person but that costs money and I don’t know what I would (or want to) get out of it.  So that just seems silly to me.

So here I am out in the blog world.  It’s sort of empty.  I think I need friends here.  I have no clue how I will find some?  Oh well… I will celebrate the first person that finds me and we’ll be BFF 🙂  I’m not the stalker type so who knows how that will really work but I do like friends!

Here are some items I’ll probably babble about:  dreams.  I remember them like no other.  They are very detailed & vivid.  Some good, some not so good.  I don’t know what they really mean.  I did a college paper on them once.  It was strange but interesting.  I don’t know if I believe all the hoopla about if you dream about your teeth falling out it’s because of money or whatever.  But I do believe they come from some sort of subconscious thoughts rolling around in your head.  Lord knows I have enough of those crazy items!  Maybe that’s why?  Huh???

Another topic:  My loves.  I have many really but this isn’t about the ones that are obvious to people I know.  These are about things I like that I’m too shy/embarrassed to admit.  Or things that might get me in trouble.  No, not legally….  I don’t think I have any of those!

People & the world in general.  I don’t have many political thoughts or whatever.  I hate it mostly.  However I do weigh in on a few subjects & I don’t like to start “debates” with people.  I like to hear what people have to say but I rarely feel so strongly about a subject that I can’t see it from a different point of view.  I have yet to decide if that is good or bad!