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So there is a man. He’s a good man. My thoughts are constantly about him. The problem: it’s all because of a simple, little crush. Seriously. How can someone overtake my mind like this?

It started a few years back. I met him & decided I didn’t really like him. He had such a gentle way about him. Too gentle. Ewww…. But then I got to know him. Decided he wasn’t so bad after all. In fact, I think I kind of like him. I saw him on a monthly basis & never thought anything about it. Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks…. I have a silly little crush on this man!! Really!? Why??? I’m married, he’s married and both very happily so where is this coming from???? Continued to see him monthly and then bi-monthly, then weekly. And then it all ended. I saw him once a year. Can you guess who he is? Well for the purposes of anonymity, I won’t say. But I will call him “Frank”.

So after so much time, my thoughts are less consumed of him. Until one day I see him again. And there he is back at the top of my list. We talk for an hour. We share stories, we share a ton of laughs and it’s great. I missed him. A few months pass and I see Frank again. And just like every other time, we pick up right where we left off. He does what he needs to do, while I try and hide the fact that I’m blushing & soaking up every minute I can with him. But I think he knows. He has to know. But maybe not. I’m sure this happens to him often.

This attraction has nothing to do with his physical appearance.  While he is attractive in his own way, his personality strikes me.  Why?  I have NO idea.  I think it’s because we have similar interests and we can talk about nothing.  I think it also is because he seems “interested” in me.  I don’t mean he wants to strike up some hot love affair with me; I mean he has an interest in me & truly enjoys our company together.  We don’t hide the fact that we are married as a matter of fact at one point I was pretty sure he liked my husband more then me.   However, the fact remains that we seem to have this chemistry when we are together.

I saw him again about a month ago.  I went out of my way to try & make it happen.  I may have used a friend to do so.  I feel bad about it but I would have gone to see her anyway; just probably not at that exact time!  He seemed to be excited to see me  & while he wasn’t there to see me, made a point to talk to me.  SCORE!

So there is my crush.  I have many thoughts about him.  You will probably hear about him often.  I think it’s dumb really, but, hell…..  I gotta get these thoughts out of my head so I can move on.  He’s too respected of a man to tell ANYONE.  The power of the Internet; the ability to do anonymously! Well, for the most part.

And now you know….