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And I really mean that.  He is seriously the most insecure person I have ever met.

Really.  He is.  He talks like every idea is his own but really he’s just good at listening to people & telling them what they want to hear.  There are few that have called him out.  I am one.  I have way too much dirt on the man for him to ever do anything about it.  Want to know what it is?

-1-  We slept together WAY back when.  He was married with 2 kids.  I was single with no boyfriend.  Whoops.

-2-  He tried to tell me he didn’t want me to get promoted b/c he was afraid that I would grow up, get married, have a family & not want to work anymore.  Highly illegal.

-3-  Sexual harassment.  No, not from when I was single & didn’t care.  But from when I was married & clearly didn’t want it.  Not just once, or twice but multiple attempts at him trying to get me drunk & sleep with me.  He’s always been jealous of my husband and made piss poor attempts at hiding it.  He still is very jealous & pretends he can never remember his name. Really?  WTF ever.  His recent attempts are like 7 mo ago. Get a CLUE!!

He tries to tell people on his same level & below that he knows all of the corporate secrets. I seriously just want to punch him when he talks like this.  He’s so full of it & I REALLY hope these people can see it but are just too polite to call him out.

He befriends the “Gods” & tries to get dirt out of them & he really doesn’t.  He’s like the biggest sh!t stirrer in Salem!!  OMG do I not like this man.

Anyway – he thinks he’s so much better then everyone.  He is seriously not & I can NOT wait until karma kicks his a$$ to the curb.