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I have a few girl friends that also happen to know my Frank.  Today one of them saw him & struck up a great conversation with him. She has no idea of my little crush on this man.  Turns out he is loved by more than just me!!  I had the most girlish giggle when she told me this.  I couldn’t bring myself to tell her anything more then what she said to me because I feel so awkward.

So my friend adores him as well.  I’ve heard this from a few people now & am convinced anyone who comes in contact with this man must feel the same.  His poor wife!!  (I’m sure she is equally as lovable.)  Anyway, so my friend told me all of the details of their conversation and there is a distinct difference between her’s and mine.  YIPPEEE!!  (Yes, I am such a dork!).  Since the man can just about talk about anything, it doesn’t surprise me that their conversations led to some really strange places.  But they seem to be less “personal”.  I seem to know more about him then she does and it’s not because I’m some sort of information junkie & have stalked every google page with his name on it.  (I’m not kidding, I really haven’t because that would be psycho!)  It’s because sometimes our conversations are that personal.  However, she noticed him in much of the same way I do & so it makes me happy to know that he’s such a loved man.  Also, we now we dish about the guy like he’s been voted People’s Person on the Year!

As I stepped back & reflected upon this I laughed….  I wonder how many other women know him & adore him like we do?  Does he have any idea?  I mean, he has to right?!  Or maybe men just don’t think about this kind of stuff when they interact with women.  I hope I don’t “give it up” that easily when I talk to someone.  But maybe I do.  I’m probably giggling like a little school girl & don’t even know it!!  Who knows.  The only thing I know for sure is I’m not the only one & I’m OK with that because it just makes this little game more fun.  It’s like fake drama to me 🙂