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I love good dreams.  I love how I feel when I wake up.  I like to see how much of my dreams I can remember.  My husband can never understand how I can remember such vivid details of just about every dream I have.  I don’t know why either; probably just another part of me that is really messed up!

Last night I dreamed a little dream of Frank.  It was a dream about us finally talking to each other about our desires & feelings for each other.  He brought it up first & I poured out my thoughts in the minutes that followed.  We were both relieved that this was finally out & we could talk about it.  It was like some of the lead was finally taken out of the pack that we both carry for this.  We laughed about it because neither one of us knew what to do about it.  We didn’t know why the thoughts & feelings were there but the fact remains that they are.  We decided to keep it casual.  We would talk when it was appropriate & possibly a few emails but nothing more then that.  We held each other as we both imagined what the road ahead really looked like.  But we left it at that.

I woke up & felt incredible because my dream was exactly how I imagined this to happen in real life.  Exactly.  It’s as if it really happened.