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Dogs.  I have a few.  I love them.  There are days when they are a pain in the ass; just like anything else (husbands, wives, kids, parents….).    But they are still & always will be man’s best friend.

I lost a dear furry friend of mine today and it makes me very sad.  But most of all I am mad.  Mad because of how her caregivers “cared” for her in the last days of life.  I cry to think of how she just wanted them at her side in her final breathes & how they weren’t there.

She was 12 years old & most likely full of cancerous tumors.  She had lumps appearing all over & started with this horrible cough a while back.  In my opinion, there isn’t much you can do with a geriatric dog full of cancer.  But you can make them comfortable.  You can love them, clean them, feed them & love them some more until their last breath.  You can give them pain meds to dull the hurt until their time comes.  You can choose to put them down peacefully so the pain is no more and they do not suffer.  My furry friend’s caregivers did some of that.  They loved her, the cleaned her up when she messed & they tried to feed her.  But they weren’t there in her final breath and they did nothing for her pain.  When I dog is bleeding out of her nose, doesn’t want to eat & is doing mindless actions…. she’s in pain & needs something done.  They told me “dogs are like doctors, they can sometimes heal themselves”.  I seriously want to punch my hand through a wall when I hear that.  A dog can heal a cut or a bite or something like that on it’s own.  A dog can’t stop the internal bleeding & misery.  WTF is wrong with you???

My furry friend passed on in the middle of the night alone.  She cried for her caregivers & they came to her side one final time.  But then they left & she died alone.  Maybe this is what dogs want?  I doubt it.  This dog was a lover.  She loved people.  I think she cried for them to come to her side as she was scared.  It makes me so sad to think she died alone.

I will miss her dearly.  She wasn’t the perfect dog but she was a great one.  She loved us all & loved all of her friends & neighbors.

Goodbye my dear friend, may you rest in peace.