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I’m in need of some Frank time.  He’s been absent from my life for about 2 months now and I’m having withdrawls! I think it’s really because the husband has been a crank and working a ton of hours again.  We’ve been off for a few weeks & its really taking its toll on us.  We need a reset & it’s not likely to happen any time soon.  When we get to this point, I just need to escape to my fantasy for a little while, get me some quality Frank inspiration and move on!  He truly cleanses my soul.

I keep recalling our past conversations and the giddiness we both had upon seeing each other the last time.  I need that reaction again.  I am so intrigued by him & the attention he wants to give me.  I still have no idea why this connection is so great.  I mean, what is it about him that keeps me reminiscing about our every interaction?  I feel so refreshed when I see him.  I fall mindless to his words when ever we talk.  I leave feeling overjoyed to share the time together.  Yet, I know, that this is all it will ever be…. in real life anyway.  And yet, I’m OK with that.

Maybe it’s because it’s that guaranteed “new love, butterflies in your stomach” feeling I get when I see him.  I get a lot of this stuff from my husband yet, (just not right now obviously) but it’s different, you know?  It’s just strange, I can’t explain it.  I don’t feel wrong for these thoughts because it’s emotional; not physical.  I don’t know why that isn’t wrong.  I think the emotional affair is probably worse then physical?  Again, I’m at a loss.

I’m happy to have him in my life; even if the role he is in is a rather messed up one!  He brings me up when others get me down and for that, I’m truly grateful 😉