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I’m incredibly bored at my job.  Not kidding.  B O R E D.  Here is a play-by-play of my day so far.

Walked in the door @ 8:20am

Talked to our company nurse for 10 minutes

Made it up to my desk @ 8:30am

Go through a week’s worth of email took me 2 hours.  I did nothing work related…. I got caught up on some of the latest gossip from the baby sites I used back in the day.

I updated my workout & fitness log.  I paid some bills.  I copied receipts for rebates that I needed to send in today.  I browsed all of my favorite coupon sites & downloaded and printed any new coupons.  I reviewed some recipes for the week to make sure my shopping list was accurate.  Damn it – forgot the shopping list at home.  Rearranged my “errand calendar” to change grocery shopping to tomorrow & visualize the list in my head to see if there was anything we absolutely needed tonight on the list.  Who am I kidding, I’m never going to remember that?  All I recall of my list is that it was long and it included wine & cheese!  I finished filling out some race forms for a run that I’m going to do in a few weeks and looking up friends information and forging their signatures on the forms.

Lunch time!  I’m not punching out for lunch today.  Rebel.  Why?  Because last week I punched out and wasted at least 15 mins waiting for trucks to unload and a train to move so I could leave the company parking lot.  I did that twice.  I decided lunch should be on them today.  Makes sense to me.  I did some returns and turned in the registration forms.  And then I came right back to the office as not to run over my 30 min lunch period & cause a ruckus with the H.R. hens!  Shhhhh…. they’ll never know 🙂

Came back to my desk after heating my lunch & hit some more coupon sites since now I have extra time!  Yeah!  Glanced at the news sites for anything interesting but couldn’t find much.  Checked out Facebook and nothing going on there.  Noticed my boss has left for the day because he is “sick” but really it’s super nice out today so I know better.  Him and I are on non-speaking terms so I only find this out from a co-worker.  Now what?

Job Search!  I work in a cubicle so I can’t do this on my computer because nosy people look at my screen.  So I pretended to look at our company intranet page (oh yeah, I did check this out this morning when I got in to see who was hired/fired for the week) while I browsed the latest job postings in the area from my phone.  There are a few possibilities; nothing exciting though.

Hmmmm…. now it’s 1:45pm and I’ve still done nothing.   What to do, what to do??? Pinterest!!  I haven’t been on there in such a long time.  Everything will be new again!  I spent over an hour on there finding the latest recipes and household organization tips.  Now that’s done, what’s next?  Cutting apart my coupons is a little obvious so I’ll save that for a home project.

I literally have nothing to do.  Nothing.  But I get paid a lot of money to do this.  They are bound to catch on.  I’m not hiding it.  My boss knows I have nothing to do because he has to give me the work and since he isn’t talking to me….. that means he’s not giving me any work.  Why am I even here?