Just when I need him the most, he shows up in my dreams!  Ahhhhhh…… bliss!!

I woke up and tried to back to sleep….willing it to be real, just for a little while longer.  I met him at work.  It was by chance that I saw him there.  Well sort of.  I know where he works and of course I go out of my way to go there.  He sees me, I see him.  Our eyes meet and instantly we both melt.  We give in to what we both want but can’t have.  He closes the door to his office.  We both know this can’t happen.  We know that we can’t be doing this.  We talk for what seems like endless hours and it’s about nothing.  Nothing about what we should be talking about.  We should be talking about what we are going to do about this situation but we can’t.  It will ruin it.  It would make us realize that what we are doing is wrong.  So we both ignore it.  We enjoy this moment for what it is because we have both wanted this for all too long.  We are so caught up in each other.  It’s wonderful.  And we are hardly even touching!!  Ahhhh……  At one point he tells me how much he’s wanted this.  He’s wanted for so long to take me in his arms and caress every inch of my body.  Suddenly we both lose it and find the nearest bed.  We decide to take it slow but the clothes start flying off faster then he can pretend we shouldn’t be doing this.  But we’ve already gone too far, why not finish it?  Why not just go all the way & do what we both have been wanting to do for soooooo long?  We do.  I notice his huge, smooth cock & take it in my hands.  I can’t help but wanting it so bad that I just want to skip all of the foreplay & get it in me where it belongs!  We play anyway.  We play until we both just want to explode. It doesn’t take long; we climax together & surrender to what we know was inevitable.

I woke up in a hot mess of the unreality.