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It’s incredibly clear that my husband has a work wife.  It’s not a bad thing.  He does spend way more time with her than he does me.  I was a work wife once, so I know the role well.  Although my work husband thought he could expect real “wife” treatments when we traveled.  Did I mention he’s a douche bag?!  Anyway, this isn’t about him.

I get along with “Marie” just fine.  I like her myself.  We’ve gone to conferences together, had drinks together and I’ve even done a kid swap with her husband (stay at home dad).  Our kids are close in age; although they just added one & I have no intention of doing this just yet.  But our families mix well.  But I do think they are a little odd.  I have no idea how her & husband click together.  He’s sort of an odd duck.  I think they have a solid relationship; it’s just different then mine & my husband’s.

I don’t think there are attractions between my husband and her but there is something there.  I’m not really jealous of it because…. well…. I don’t know.  I’m just not.  I struggle with why I’m not sometimes because people do ask me about it.  Not because they’ve seen something, it’s because my husband run’s an office of ALL women.  It’s a small office.  And it’s not all women because he’s some sort of pervert & wants it that way.  He’s tried to hire a man several times but they just don’t make the cut and it pisses him off to no end!  I mean, who wants to spend all day, every day with a bunch of catty women all fighting for a better position.  Yikes!!

It’s often that he and Marie are gone together for long periods of time.  It’s often that after a long work week, they hit up a Thursday happy hour.  Sometimes it’s not just the two of them but more often then not, I do believe it is.  Why am I not jealous?  As I type this I’m thinking….. wow – this is the classic story of the office affair!!!  I’m mean, I’ve been the work wife – mostly before marriage – and I know how this works.  But yet, I really don’t care about it!!

Maybe it’s because my Frank is his Marie.  We don’t have “real” relationships with them.  We have just enough to keep us going when the other one isn’t able to provide what we need.  It’s odd.  It’s strange.  But it is what it is and I wouldn’t change it.