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Mom’s are the worst.  Seriously.  It’s no wonder I get a long with men so much better then women!?!  I posted a comment about potty training a child the other day.  Talk about bringing out the haters of my FB world!!  I wasn’t asking for advice.  I wasn’t posting a brag about my 6 mo old being almost out of diapers.  I wasn’t pointing out that I wanted to let my child lead the way & if he wants to poop in his pampers when he’s 4, that’s entirely his decision.  It was a simple comment about my independent child thinking he can do everything himself when he can not.  

“He’s too young to be potty trained.  You shouldn’t even be trying yet.”

“Boy’s take a lot longer then girls and you are going to regret pushing him.”

“My ped told me that I shouldn’t even start doing this until he’s 3.  You should talk to your doctor.”

“My boy has been out of diapers since he was 12 mo.  I have lots of tips for you.”

“I hope you aren’t using pull-ups because they don’t work.”

“Give him a sucker as he sits on the potty so he stays on there longer.  Then a cookie if he goes.”

“Did you breastfeed him?  If so, he’ll potty train easier.  And make sure you are using cloth diapers.”

All good ideas ladies.  All great comments.  I’m not pushing him.  I’ve introduced him to the potty.  I reward him with a chocolate chip and a chance to wear his undies if he goes.  He thinks it cool.  

Perhaps I’ll start his therapy fund now.  Or leave instructions on how to start a blog 🙂