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I’ve had the opportunity to visit with Frank recently and I’ve been lost in my thoughts about it ever since.  I find it energizing, uplifting and amazing.  Is it possible to feel this way about one person and love it yet feel totally in love with another and, well, love it?!  I’d say I feel bad but I don’t.  I would be denying myself my own feelings and I think once one does that, they are running down a dark path.  You are denying who you are and there is no way anyone can do that for an eternity.  If it doesn’t happen sooner, come judgement day, He’ll see it and it will be harder to come clean with yourself.

Frank adds a lot to my life.  He…

:  makes me feel like a real person

:  allows me to get lost in him without falling all over himself

:  accepts our feelings for what they are and doesn’t try to change them or rationalize them.  They are what they are.

:  believes in fate and the power of something greater then ourselves

:  knows you can’t deny who you are and doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not

:  understands where we are in our lives and lets the tide flow in and out w/out forcing what isn’t there but embraces what is….  I love this most.  

I have yet to find anyone who understands this relationship.  Well, perhaps if I’d be more open about it I might find someone.  However, I don’t think I know anyone that would be able to hear our story and not pass judgement.  There is already one that has that job (judging) and therefore, I don’t need others.  Besides, they aren’t even qualified!!