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I LOVE my new fans!!  Thank you all SO much 🙂

I’m going to be doing some changes to my blog so I can include links to some new blogs I’ve started following/reading.  This started out as a way for me to clear my head but I’ve started to make a few friends!  Yay me!  There are people as crazy as me out there 😉  OK so maybe not…  they all seem more with it then I do BUT… I think maybe I do have a chance!

Anyway – I’ve been on a technology break for a while because it started to consume some of my time that didn’t exist.  I got lost in the blog world & started neglecting a few items that I can afford to neglect.  I’ve figured out (I think) how to fit this in with all of the other things I have going on so, I’m pretty excited. 

Where am I?  Well, I don’t think any further then I was before.  That’s not really a bad thing though.  I’ve been doing some soul searching lately.  I like my life.  I love my life.  I forget, sometimes, that I complicate the crap out of things and if I would just sit back & live and let live it wouldn’t be so bad.  I forget, sometimes, where I am and this is the time of my life (in my life?) that I’ve been waiting for.  So why in God’s name am I not happy that I’m FINALLY here??!  Well, this is the part I’ve fixed.  

The husband.  We are doing OK.  He thinks I spend too much time on the computer & not enough time with the kids.  He’s right.  (Hence the reason for the tech break to see if he was right.  Damn it I hate when he’s right!)  We enjoy our date nights, even if they are at home.  We enjoy our weekends together as a family.  Although he just wants a break from work/kids and I am constantly planning things for all of us to do.  But damn it, this is family time and it goes by all too fast not to take advantage of it.

Frank.  I still love that man.  Although, I’ve come to think of it as a different kind of love.  I used to think of it as an actual “holy crap I’m in love with another man” type of love.  But I don’t think that is it.  I don’t think we could ever make anything out of this relationship.  I just think we fall into the typical, “lack of something in our marriage” category.  But yet, I don’t think either of us can provide each other what our spouses provide for us.  Does that make sense?  I don’t think I could do everything for him that his wife does for him.  And the same goes for me.  I don’t think he could ever do for me what my husband does for me.  Strange.  

Baby.  Well….  who would bring baby into this situation!?!  Hell no!  But I do want another.  So the husband and I are talking about it.  I know that we need to be 100% on the money with each other before this happens.  I would never do that to a child…. bring them into this world just because I think it would fix a relationship.  When as that EVER worked??  

I love it that I’m back and love it even more that I have a few more friends to share my ramblings with!!  Muah! XOXO!