Wow this week did not go at all as planned.  What started out with a fun birthday party for a friend of my daughter, turned into a midnight ER run for me with food poisoning.  Ever had it before??  OMG it was awful!  I’ve never been so sick in my entire life.  I’ve had my babies all without pain meds & I’d gladly have 10 more like that if I never had to feel like I did on Monday.  I’ve never had so much come out of me at one time, so quickly in all my life.  In fact, it was debilitating.  I started puking around 9pm & by 11pm I could not walk or talk.  I couldn’t hardly move a muscle & I was on the brink of losing consciousness I guess.  What the hell did I eat?  It remains a mystery.  But we’ve all (doc included) decided it was not a virus as no one else has gotten this.  It was either food poisoning or a severe intolerance from me.  Wish I know what I ate that didn’t like me for fear of eating it again!!

Thankfully the ER team at our local hospital was able to put me out of my misery with some nausea medication & some morphine.  Even have morphine before?  I did not.  I was told it was like a head rush and then a buzzed up feeling.  I don’t know about you guys, but I did not receive that reaction.  It was horrible.  I make the worst drug addict!  I felt like I was being choked the whole time & had to be reminded to breathe.  What an awesome night.  It did, however, help my pain so after a few minutes I decided it was OK.  But damn…  I’m not a fan.  I would hate to think of what all of those other stronger pain meds would do to me!!  Anyway, after a few hours of meds & re-hydration, I was back on my feet & begging them to let me go home.

Three days later I can finally eat again & I feel human again.

I’m thankful to my husband for taking such good care of me.  He didn’t even freak out when I almost puked in his new car!  He sat next to me the entire night in the hospital, even though he had a huge day ahead of him.  I asked him to go get some sleep several times but he was not about to leave me there.  He made sure I had people to take care of the kids & me all week.  He didn’t once complain about the giant stack of mail on our counter, the stack of clothes that have been folded & not yet put away, the kids laundry baskets over flowing or the lack of meals!  Although, now I have the world’s messiest house and the most laundry to do then I ever had before 🙂