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I could rant and rave about my in-laws for a million years and still not feel like I got it all out of my system.  I know there are a lot of people in my shoes… men and women alike.  Don’t you wish you could pick your in-laws like you pick your spouse?!  I suppose, you can in a way but I like my husband way more then I like his parents.

She’s the classic MIL.  I love her and hate her all at the same time.  She is a great grandmother to the kids….  as long as they are potty trained & can fend for themselves!  I shouldn’t say that, she does well with them even when they are small as long as I’m no more then an arm’s length away.

My husband is an only the lonely for those who don’t know.  There is a very good reason for that.  My MIL is NOT a good mother.  And she knows it for the most part.  Seriously though, she thinks every cry, scrape or otherwise is a ER situation.  She’s just not good with young kids.  So when my daughter (the favorite) asks her if she can come over for a sleep over I cringe.  When ever she is there, my MIL makes me sign a medical release form and pack every medication known to man in her bag.   This past weekend my daughter, once again called Gma to have a sleep over.  Of course Gma jumps at the chance (b/c they live out of town and my parents live 20 min away so she thinks the kids automatically love my Mom more then her because they can see her more often.  So she wins them over with candy & cookies.)  and I pack the bags for a less then 24 hour sugar induced coma.  Not one hour after bedtime my phone rings.  ughhhh…. what can go wrong already that it requires a phone call??!  Apparently my daughter’s breathing sounded funny and she wanted to know if she should be concerned.  She is just starting a cold so I ask if it seems as though she’s “…struggling to breath.”  “No, she just sounds really funny when she breathes.  Like she’s sniffing in her sleep.”   I remind her it’s probably nothing as long as she seems to be breathing OK & not struggling.  She assures me its not that, but she’s concerned with the sound and wants to know if she should wake her up?!  WTH…..  seriously.  The child has a cold and is sniffing.  She’s not allergic to anything in the room and in respiratory distress.   But she jumps to the worst case scenario and had she not called me I’m sure she would’ve dialed 911 & I’d have one massive ER bill for a child with the sniffles.

I know, I shouldn’t complain about it but it seriously drives me crazy.  How my husband survived & actually made something of himself will always be a mystery to me.