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I’m ready for the changes the springtime can bring in people.  I have so much going on in my life right now that something needs to change.  Something will change and if I don’t decide what it’s going to be soon, it will happen for me and maybe not the part I intended.  I feel like I still have control over the situation right now so while I’m here….  here goes!

1 – Find the little moments & make them big.  When I hear “Mom, will you play with me?”, instead of saying, “Yes, in a minute.” I almost always drop what I’m doing & get down on their level.  I probably wasn’t doing anything super important anyway.

2 – Calendar. Calendar. Calendar.  Use it and detail the hell out of everything.  I have about 5 too many things that I’m involved in.  None of them have my full attention so I suck at everything I do for them.  I have every schedule known to man now on Google and the conflicts are staring daggers at me.  So much easier to see these a week in advance instead of an hour when I can’t do much about it!

3 – Figure out what sucks & change it.  I’ve waited my whole life for these moments and they are finally here and I find myself dreaming about the next ones.  I haven’t lived these yet?  What the hell?!  So, I’m figuring out why…  these moments are finally here and I think they suck & doing something about it.  They really don’t suck.  It’s just my inability to figure them out.  Its actually a really fun time and everything I imagined them to be.  It’s my attitude that sucks & so I’m changing it 🙂

4 – Smile.  Laugh.  Share.  Everyone likes to smile & laugh.  Share something to bring it all together.

5 – Love him for who he is.