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I don’t have a lot of “free” time these days.  I can usually be found at a gym, at work organizing & printing the latest coupons (no, that’s not my job but I never have anything to do there so that’s what fills the time!), chasing kids, kids classes or frantically surface cleaning my house.  I haven’t talked on the phone to someone in so long I’m pretty sure my friends have forgotten my voice!!  So  I don’t have a whole lot of extra time reading nutrition labels on every food item I purchase.  

Have you read the labels lately?  They are awful.  I was so pissed off when I left the grocery store today.  Try and find a reasonably priced food item that doesn’t contain a ton of “filler” ingredients and/or preservatives.  How did we survive before this crap?  Did we just look at the food and it was spoiled?  Was it so expensive that no one could afford it?  I bought lemon juice.  Lemon juice.  It said 100% real lemon juice.  Apparently that means, what juice is in this product is 100% lemon juice.  It says nothing for the other crap.  I’m wondering what percentage of this bottle is actually “juice” and the rest corn syrup and preservatives as those are listed in the ingredients??  Why in God’s name do we need to “fill” lemon juice bottles with junk and make it last 10 years?  WTF?!  

Every damn thing I bought was filled with something and had preservatives in it.  OK, there were a few exceptions, but still.  If it’s on the shelf, it’s going to be made to last 10 years in your pantry.  Gross.  

I’m determined to find me some real food and a way to do without all this crap.  Looking for information… feel free to leave me some in the comments!!