This really struck me on how I feel sometimes. Well, a lot of the times.


Do people really see you? Do they often look past you? If so, why? I have this issue all the time! I am looking for answers as to why others’ ignore me! It is frustrating!

It feels like trying to solve a “Rubics Cube” because men say what they think. Women never do, they expect you to figure it out.

How many positive comments does it take to “erase a negative comment?”

Dr. Phil said:

“Dr. Phil explains that it takes a lot of positive reinforcement to erase one comment like, “You’re stupid.” When Tiffiny asks if it’s too late to fix the damage she’s caused, Dr. Phil says no, but stresses that the parents’ motives must be pure. He explains that it’s their job to advance their children’s place in life.” Read story at:

How many people have been so damaged by negative comments, they cannot even…

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