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It’s happening everywhere!!  All of my friends are getting divorced!  Well, not all of them but a lot of them.  What the hell is going on??  What am I missing?!

Got an email yesterday from a friend who decided to divorce her husband (for reasons still unknown to me).  She already has a new place to live and is moving this weekend.  We haven’t been able to talk about it because kids have always been around but CLEARLY this wasn’t something that just started happening.  You can’t get a new house that quick!  Or can you?  Anyway, the point is these women are thinking/doing all of this stuff and presenting it to their husbands out of nowhere.  My jaw is still dropped over this one.  Never saw it coming.

I’ve heard of the “Seven Year Itch”.  I’ve had many people jokingly tell me to be very cautious of it.  And I can some what see what they are talking about.  It’s about that time in a relationship when everything seems like Groundhog’s Day.  Mindless actions take place in the marriage and whether it’s intentional or not, it happens.  I’ve had it start to creep up on me.  I won’t lie.  There are many days where I lay in bed wondering how I’m going to do this the rest of my life.  But then something happens and I forget about it and the next moment is so precious that I want to remember it forever.

But yes, there are days when I feel like we do the same thing over and over and over and there is not one ounce of spontaneity left.  It hit me not all that long ago that my husband is the first to complain about this but the last to do anything about it.  Why?  He can’t handle being out of a routine.  Yet, he is the first one to say “Every day is Groundhog’s Day in this house”.  He doesn’t have the slightest clue on how to get away from his own personal “schedule”.  Me….  what schedule?  I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time.  I’m usually prepared for just about anything to be thrown my way.  Some days I deal with that better then others but for the most part, I figure it out.  It’s hard to operate that way because the kids are all young enough yet where I still need to tend to their every need.  If I forget snacks before we head out, I can’t send one of them into the gas station for something.  It’s a process.  But whatever, we figure it out.

Back to the topic at hand, here.  In talking with a close friend of mine about this, we were discussing that a lot of the SAHM were wanting divorce because their husbands don’t have enough time for them.  However, it’s the lifestyle that they lead that makes it necessary for the husbands to work so much.  Since when is a hard working husband grounds for divorce?  I searched high & low for my hard working husband and I’ll be damned if I’m giving him up for that reason!  I’m probably the most frugal wife of all in his profession.  I spend money where it’s necessary and splurge when I think we actually deserve it.  I don’t buy our kids every toy/game on the planet because, frankly, their grandparents do that.  I shop at Garage sales for most, if not all, of their play clothes and even happen upon some really nice school clothes.  I could careless if they are in Just One Year or Carters or Baby Gap.  Point being….  if you want the fancy life style, you need to foot the bill.  Find me a man who works 9 – 5 and makes $350k+ to afford all the crap you need.  I’ll take him 🙂

I think I have a few friends who have watched a few too many episodes of The Real Housewives series.