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Last night my husband went out for drinks with is work wife.   If you want to follow along, HERE is my previous post about her.  It’s not unexpected that they have a drink after a long week once and a while.  It’s not rare, but they don’t do it that often that I have much to worry about.  Anyway….

When he told me was going to head out it didn’t bother me in the slight.  But something did… We (or I) are at a point in our relationship that is, how do I say it, awful.  Basically, I get NO attention from him.  I feel like I’m at the ends of the earth.  See previous post for more details.

I’m not jealous of her, so to speak.  I’m jealous that she has a part of him that I used to have.  I know this isn’t her intent.  We talk often enough that I can tell she’s not out to do any harm or wrong doing.  I don’t think my husband has bad intentions or that he’s even intentionally doing this.  But asking him to stop doesn’t change a damn thing.

He is able to talk to her about his day w/out having to explain the details.  She knows the people, she knows the business, she knows….  and I don’t.  I’m too much of a bother to discuss this with.  He think he can not be relieved by venting this information to me like he is when he does it with her.  He’s said it before.  So this is evolved into him telling me NOTHING.  Awesome.

He came home super late last night.  It was completely out of character for him to do this.  I was worried, slightly that something happened but not wanting to be “that wife” I refrained from texting him.  This morning he didn’t have much to say.  He was kind and casual but I know there is more to the story then… “it was fine, we went to a new place on the river.”  I’ve been very distant with him this week because of all of these ridiculous events  and so my answers are one word, sad and pathetic.

Out of no where today he asked me to a lunch date.  I tried to be coy but sometimes I can’t hold back.  My response when asked:  sure (read:  about damn time) where?   I’m still not sure if it’s out of pity or he sees the pain I’m in.