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I needed to see him.  I faked an appointment and showed up at his office.  He was surprised but happy to see me.  We talked for a few moments and then agreed to finally meet up “outside” of work.  I was excited and nervous.  On my way to our predetermined  I see his wife and daughters.  I start to panic.  But it’s pure coincidence.  I question my decision.  I question everything but determined to know what might come of this I push on.  We meet up completely incognito.  No one knows us and no one cares we are there.  It’s amazing.  I felt like everyone was watching us at first, knowing that something wasn’t quite right.  But they weren’t.  We looked like innocent children.

We eventually went back to his cabin.  Why?  I have no idea.  It seemed as though this was the worst idea in the world, yet I couldn’t say no.  Why can’t I say no to this man?  I hesitate to walk in the door knowing that I after I step across that threshold that all bets are off.  He senses my hesitation and pulls me through it in the most affectionate embrace that I melt into his arms.  He’s strong.  He’s solid.  He’s confident that this is all OK.  I throw caution to the wind when he forces his face close to mine.  Our noses are touching and I can feel his breath.  It’s warm, it’s sweet and I’m shaking as I feel the blood rushing through my veins.  I’m a little light headed but steady in his arms.  And then he moves his lips to mine and we have forever changed our entire relationship.  We’ve now moved from emotional to physical and I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I feel amazing in his arms.