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I’m friends with a bully.  It didn’t dawn on me until a few weeks ago but my friend is a bully.  I’m a little upset I didn’t see it prior to this. Her latest thing is to get everyone to block a “mutual friend” on facebook.  I haven’t a clue why really.  My friend says this girl is incredibly jealous of her marriage and bad mouths her behind her back.  Apparently my friend’s husband is fantastic.  In real life he is a nice guy.  He really is.  But he’s quiet, keeps to himself, doesn’t complain about a thing….  my friend (his wife) TOTAL opposite.  She’s loud, obnoxious and apparently not afraid to start a movement on facebook to block our friend.  I’m not really sure what this is going to do actually?  So now she can’t see anything we post?  Like we are supposed to be hiding something from her?  I don’t get it.  Anyway, I’m not playing along.  For one, I don’t even know how to block people on facebook because I’m never on it long enough to do it.  Two, I think this is dumb.  Three, I really don’t care.  I have too much real stuff to do to play games like this.

But the real problem is, I think “our friend” is actually feeling hurt over this.  I’m pretty sure she’s looking for attention/support from someone or something and not getting it.  She posts some really weird stuff sometimes.  She’s been known to be one of those “I need prayers but I can’t tell you why.” or “OMG I got the best news today.  I couldn’t be happier.” or “I can’t ever catch a break, no one ever helps me” .  She just wants people to ask her about her status so she can tell them “It’s personal” or “I can’t really talk about it”.  You know the kind.  However, I feel bad that she’s going through this even though I wouldn’t consider myself a close friend of hers.  So the last I think she needs right now is some stupid childish bullying.

I don’t understand some women.  Are people that insecure that they resort to this?  Personally, I think my bully friend is the one who is jealous.  Although I really don’t know why.  It’s not like either one of them live dramatic life style’s or have a million dollars waiting in the bank some place.  I don’t know.  Why can’t people use all of that energy for something good?  If you are so passionate about ruining someone’s life because you are jealous, why don’t you take that momentum and fix your own?  Oh yes, laziness and entitlement.  That’s why.  “I’m entitled to this life and shouldn’t have to work for anything.”

Worst of all my friend, the bully, had a nephew commit suicide last year because he felt he was bullied.  You would think she would think twice about this but her entitled ass thinks she’s just proving a point and teaching our friend a lesson.  Did I mention I’m too old for this shit??