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Although that’s not a revelation.  Everyone knows it.  We lost another dear friend this week to this horrible beast.  I’m so angry at it.  I don’t understand where it comes from, why it does what it does and how it completely takes over a body in a blink of an eye.  

Our friend started out with a few spots of uterine cancer about a year ago.  It was nothing surgery couldn’t take care of.  She went through the surgery and came out beaming.  All of the tests, scans and everything revealed it was gone.  Two weeks ago she was in so much pain she went in to find out what was happening.  They did test after test after test.  She was set to be home last weekend.  Shit hit the fan on Sunday, she died on Tuesday.  WTF???  I don’t get it.  It run rabid through her entire body as if pissed off it was being detected and vowed victory over her.

She was a very uplifting person.  She had a spirit like no other.  She did so many things for our friends & family.  We are certainly going to miss her. She leaves behind her children and her husband.  Their children are grown and I don’t know them very well.  We know her husband well and he is beyond devastated.  In his words, “I’ve just lost the love of my life.”  It makes me sad to see him in pain.  They were a fantastic couple that weren’t ashamed to show their love for one another.  It was amazing and inspirational to see as I’m going through my own troubles.  I’m sure they weren’t without flaws but they seemed to glide through them with grace and integrity.  It’s something I hope for.  

I’m so sad to not be able to see her and talk to her again.  Perhaps another day when we are all together with the Lord.  Until then…  we’ll take comfort knowing she is with our Creator and watching over us as we continue our time here without her.  

So long dear friend, I’ll see ya when I see ya.