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I think I’ve gone off the deep end now!!  I met up with a group of friends and we got on the topic of child birth and ob/gyn’s.  Most of us actually see the same doctor, believe it or not, and mostly by chance.  As in, I’ve met some of these girls after they’ve already been a patient of his.  Anyway, the funny thing is we were drinking wine and talking about our experiences.  We got to a point when one of the girl’s asked if anyone’s husband was jealous of them going to see a male ob/gyn.  Well, I’m of the hook because my husband would rather me see a male doctor.  And honestly, so would I.  I can’t ever find the words to explain why because I get asked this all of the time.  But I would.  I guess I just think males have this crazy ability to set aside emotion, at the blink of an eye, to make decisions.  And in childbirth, sometimes you only have a split second to make a life or death decision.  Aside from that there were a few husbands that were jealous but not crazy jealous.  I laughed.

But then it happened… one of us said it.  “Does anyone think Dr. G is hot?”  We all sat in silence for a second or two but it felt like an eternity.  Yes!!  I wasn’t the only one who thought of him a little more personally!!!  OMG did we all start laughing!  OK for the record I don’t think he’s “hot” but I do find him attractive.  I don’t know what it is about him that I find attractive but there is something there.  The other girls saw it too and it’s so damn funny to me I couldn’t help but post it.  Of course this conversation quickly turned R or even X rated in a hurry.  His poor wife.  If we were all talking about it now, imagine how many others??  

He really is a very nice man and talks about his wife and daughter’s a lot.  I don’t think he’s intentionally “favoring” any of us as we all seem to know the same information about him.  As if it’s some sort of scripted dialog he busts into while he’s scoping out the who-ha’s!!!!  I just think it’s funny that we all had these same feelings about him and no one wanted to say anything.  Must have been the wine that we were all so willing to share our thoughts about this.  Especially since there are those “there is no reason a girl needs to spread her legs for someone other then her husband” type people.  He’s a professional.  And while I’m not going to say he doesn’t have “inappropriate thoughts” about what he sees, he’s never acted unprofessionally with me.  He really has always been very kind, straight forward and intelligent.

I wonder if he can tell my heart races when he puts his hands on my chest to listen to my lungs.  I’ll have to watch his facial expressions next time.  Maybe these jealous husbands are on to something?!!   🙂