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This week is one for the books.  It’s Murphy’s Law week here:  if it can, it will.  

-1-  Periodontist Appt:  I have bad gums.  I didn’t take care of them as a kid.  My parents didn’t introduce me to floss like normal parents do.  After I moved on and out of the house I didn’t go to the dentist because my previous one was my stalker and they all scared the crap out of me after that!  (That might make a good post sometime?!).  Anyway, apparently the Periodontist forgot the numbing creme and about had me screaming in pain when she jabbed the f’n needle through the roof of my mouth.  Let me tell you, that’s awesome.  

-2- I made a spontaneous donation to some lucky individual in Target as I forgot the 2 giant boxes of wipes I bought under the damn cart.  This started my week.  I’m still pissed off!  Awesome. 

-3- Soccer was canceled for my daughter yesterday and I was forced with an impromptu supper.  We didn’t have all of the ingredients needed to make anything my husband liked so he walked around in disgust while the kids inhaled tacos missing half of the toppings (which they don’t like anyway).  He had left over pork chops & pizza with a spinach salad that my daughter made.  Hardly anything to bulk at.  

-4- Picked my son up from daycare and he was soaking wet with pee.  He had an accident at some point and no one noticed apparently so he sat on the chair too scared to moved because he was so wet.   Poor kid.  

-5- Daughter went on a field trip to a local children’s museum only to find out she was left in this play room alone as the rest of the kids went to the next room. She’s too shy to say anything so she sat there scared out of her mind waiting for them to notice they forgot her.  She was terrified of being left alone last night and this morning.  I have no idea how long she sat there.  She says a very long time.  Could have been ten minutes.  The teacher didn’t think it was long enough to even mention.  Awesome.

-6- I smashed my thumb in the door last night trying to unload the car of snacks, toys, backpacks & water bottles after everyone else went to bed.  Damn that hurt.  At least I lost track of my mouth still hurting from the Periodontist office.

-7-  After a few funny looks from people I looked down at my feet only to realize I had on the brightest, sparkliest, pink flip flops on.  I have them by our door going into our garage as shoes I can quick slip on if I need to go outside.  I also use these in the garden.  They are horrible.  Apparently I slipped them on to load the car with kids and crap that morning and forgot to change my shoes.  They really set off the tan pants & blue shirt I was wearing.  It was great to go to a meeting right away that morning looking like an idiot.  

I think that might have summed it up.  It’s one of those weeks where I just want to stay home, in bed.  It’s probably safer there!