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This relationship with Frank is so simple, yet so complex.  We are working on figuring out what the “line” is and if we’ve already crossed it.  We’ve both shared so many things about each other and with each other that two normal people wouldn’t do.  He has a lot at stake with this relationship so I know that the trust we are building needs to be rock solid before we can move on further.  There is no room for error.  

Our cover story is this:  we (my husband and I) have a professional relationship with Frank that anyone who knows us and what we do, know about.  Frank and my husband have formed this small, personal relationship that coincides with their professional relationship.  Meaning, if there is no professional reason for the two of them to get together, it’s probably never going to happen.  I have an exclusive professional relationship with Frank.  The only way we can “personally know each other” is if my husband were to initiate it. To do so otherwise would raise red flags from Frank’s wife, my husband and anyone else we knew personally.  I’m sure there would be some that wouldn’t think twice at us interacting on a personal level but I doubt it’s the majority that would feel that way.  As long as we have a professional reason to see each other, we are good.  It’s why we meet at his office.  We usually have closed door meetings on some work related manner that we can finish up in 5 min or less.  The rest is set aside for personal time 🙂  It’s not like anything too crazy can go down as he has secretaries constantly buzzing him or someone needing something.  But we get to share a few personal touches without too much hesitation and talk about what we might be doing next 🙂

This is where the complexity of it comes in.  Do we give in to what drives us together?  Do we let nature take it’s course?  Do we attempt to break out of the mold and find a way to see each other outside of the professional landscape?  Or do we accept what has been handed to us thus far and revel on the fact that we are able to share this flirtatious relationship when we can and no where else… knowing it is wrong.  It’s against what we would consider reasonable behavior.  I just don’t know.

We’ve not crossed the “physical” line.  We’ve been able to control what propels us physically when we are together, but I’m not sure how long that can last.  Lust is very powerful and I have the least amount of will-power of anyone I know.  I severally lack some self control.  

I love the simpleness of when we are together.  The thoughts and emotions are raw and run so wild, that they are what they are…. there is no mistaking them.  They are there in their simplest form.  It’s invigorating.