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I quit my job today.  Or maybe I should say I gave my notice.  I’m leaving the end of the month and I could not be happier.  I’ve been here almost 14 years and have had the same douche bag boss for pretty much that entire time.  Anyway, to continue his douche bagness (yes, that is a word!!) he asked if I could stay on the books and he’ll give me work to do from home.  Mind you, I have nothing to do while I’m here, what exactly will I do from home??  Why would he want to do this?  Because I am the only person who reports to him and as long as I report to him, he retains his “manager” title and bonus.  Without me, he drops on the good ol’ pay scale and there is no one else in our office that would logically report to him and since I do nothing now, they will not fill the position.

I still think he’s the biggest douche bag.