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Not the real Adam Levine; just a man that apparently looks just like him.  It’s so bad that people are coming up to him in airports and asking for his autograph.  Seriously?!?!  Also had some little girls come up to him recently while the kids and I were in tow….  they were crushed when I told him he really wasn’t Adam.  

While his head is inflating from the recent surge of celebrity mistaken identity he’s been spending some time with his new work husband.  As if his work wife wasn’t enough, now he’s a career gay man.  Ok not really but this new guy started in his office and the husband needs to show him the ropes and introduce him to all of the clients.  The new guy is freaken hot!!  And about 10 years younger then my husband.  Recently at a conference this incredibly attractive young women approached them about hanging out with her and some friends at a bar in the hotel.  He was like a kid in a candy store being told not to touch…  it was bad.  He was so excited because “he’s still got it”.  While I know he does, the confidence that this has brought him is about more then I can handle.  I’m not saying that this woman would not have approached him if the new, young, hot guy wasn’t with him.  She may have because she is far from shy and looking for a good time.  BUT I’m not willing put any money on it 🙂  Regardless, I’ll let him enjoy this for a while and do my best not to gag when he thinks every good looking woman now wants him.