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for the phone to ring.  Ughhh…..  I finally did it.  I called Frank as per his request and got his voicemail.  Of course I left a message and made it sound “work” related but I’m pretty sure he can figure out my code talk!  The ironic thing is my husband just asked about him the other day.  It was out of the blue and a random thought about something he told us once when we first met him.  I tried my best not to show that simply him mentioning Frank’s name completely stopped me in my tracks. 

I hate waiting for things.  Instant gratification.  That’s me.  If it can’t happen now, I don’t want it.  OK so that isn’t completely true.  But when it comes to this stuff it is!!  You know what will happen…  He’ll call me back right in the middle of my daughter’s soccer game and we’ll be playing code talk phone tag for the next week.  Maybe not, the husband is out of town the end of the week and when he gets back I’m heading out to Frank’s neck of the woods for some long overdue cocktails with some of my favorite lady friends.  Something fun is bound to happen out of that mess!!