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The husband and I were at a rocky point once again.  We sailed that sea one more time and made it back alive.  Why do I need this emotional affair with Frank?  I know about the whole “filling the void” thing and that’s a lot of it.  But there is more.

The husband is trying very hard to find balance in his life of work and family.  It’s very hard.  I give him a lot of credit for owning up to what sets us back.  I’ve finally owned up to my part as well.  Well, not the Frank part, but the lack of emotional support and appreciation.  I had no idea he NEEDED that to function as much as a woman would.  He’s never said anything before now.  I had no idea I was not fulfilling a void he had.  Which makes me wonder about about his need for an emotional affair….. I can’t say he’d find the time to have one but then again he does have a work wife.