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He called.  Frank called me back.  It’s about damn time!!!!  Of course he calls me and I’m picking up my kids.  I answered anyway.  He was on vacation and forgot his phone at home.  We couldn’t talk for very long because we had a horrible connection.  He was calling from his house and the cell reception isn’t very good there but he wanted to call me as soon as he could.  Awww….  my heart melts 🙂  We are going to meet up next week (as long as the stars align of course).  Damn it he makes me smile.  Of course my kids had 20 questions for me as I had to pull the car over so I didn’t lose reception as we were about to head into a huge dead zone.

The husband comes home after a really bad day and senses my excited and is curious about what the occasion is.  Damn it….  he makes a comment about a conversation he had with a co-worker about Frank and another woman.  I know this other woman and we’ve had conversations about Frank before.  She likes him and finds him intellectually attractive but no more.  Frank uses his professional relationship with her to inquire about me.  So the husband asks about their relationship….  odd??  I play dumb and have no idea what he’s talking about.  I know better then to entertain that thought.  He dropped it immediately.  That makes me think he really doesn’t think anything else besides that.

Whatever….  I’m still secretly celebrating.