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I have 4 more working days left until I retitle myself.  Apparently that’s not really a word but it’s as close as I can come to describing things right now.

I’ve never not worked.  I’ve always been able to support myself.  I’ve always been independent and able to make things go, well, on my own.  I have 4 more days until I’m done with that.  My excitement is turning into fear in a real hurry.  I’ve been hoarding $$$ into my own bank account for sometime now so as the months drift away I’ll feel as though it’s OK to spend something I have earned myself.  But it’s sort of scary because there will be nothing going into this account.  Well, not much anyway.  My little side jobs here and there aren’t very good money makers so those deposits go hardly noticed.

I have no idea what my next job title is going to be.  I have no idea where I’m going to go from here.  I guess it’s OK but it’s just hitting me today as I start to clean my desk, that it’s all going away.  It’s not moving on to another desk in another office.  It’s going away.

I have plenty to do to keep me busy at home while I figure it out.  I have parent organizations and wealthy business people to deal with.  We need to finish our basement as we disparately need the extra room and it’s FULL of stuff.  I counted 20 totes of just kid clothes.  Add another 20 filled with toys.  I have work to do.  But this work doesn’t involve much thought and I’m just really hoping my brain doesn’t turn to mush.  I don’t like dumb people.