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I’m struggling with a title for this post.  Hopefully by the end I can come up with something that does it justice.

I attended a meeting tonight with a bunch of people that I’ve never met before.  I walked into the room where it was held and was instantly captivated by the gentleman sitting at one of the tables.  My luck, he’s with the group I need to meet with.  Seriously…  what the hell?  I introduced myself, as did he and then he introduced me to the rest of the group.  Did I say I was INSTANTLY captivated by this man?  I tried not to stare but it was nearly impossible.  I read an article lately about body language and listening when people are talking.  It was about the unconscious body movements or gestures you make while someone is talking to you.  It also talked about eye contact and it’s direct link to you being able to take in, understand and remember the words of the speaker.

I thought I was doing a good job actively listening to him when all of a sudden my mind started to wander.  Oh I was making eye contact all right and I appeared to be listening but I haven’t a clue on what he said.  And then I remembered the other people at the table and decided I better make it a point to at least look at them.

By the end of the meeting, I’m pretty sure he was only talking to me when he was supposed to be addressing the entire group.  It was ridiculously obvious and I felt about an inch tall as we all got up from the table.  He had another meeting to go to and I needed to get home.  A friend ended up coming to the meeting towards the end and I ended up talking to her for a while after.  Mr. Gorgeous pretended to busy himself and eventually had to leave.  I was too terrified to talk to the man.  He was able to about take me to my knees with his first glance, who knows what other type of magic tricks he’s got up his sleeves.

I made it home all hot & bothered.  Thank goodness the husband is home at least one more night before a 3 night stint alone.