I consider myself a pretty levelheaded, open minded person.  I could really care less about who people are and what their financial status is.  I don’t care what type of parent they are and what ever sort of marital agreements they seem to have.  I’ve got enough of my own baggage to worry about.  So when I meet people, whether or not we “click” basically revolves around whether they are a good person or not and if we have similar interests.  (I don’t think I need to *define* good, do I?)

I chose to leave my home town because I couldn’t stand the f’n monotony of it all.  There was no way for me to achieve a single one of my goals while living there.  I didn’t have to move far away to do this either.  Having recently spent a few hours with these people, you might think I live in a foreign country, speak a foreign language and have completely forgotten where I came from.

This is what I want to say to them:  “No you dumb shits…  I have not forgotten where I came from.  I’m fully aware of my poor excuse for a high school education; trust me.  I know what its like to live paycheck to paycheck and how to live frugally.  If I didn’t grow up in that shit town I’d never really understand what its like to work hard to get ahead.  I’d never know it was possible to have an open mind, my own opinion or that life really does exist out of “Mayberry”.  It’s not my fault you’ve never left or have tried to venture south of the county line.  It’s not my fault that you are still there making $30k/year and have a lien on every piece of personal property you have.  And by the way, I REALLY don’t care!  I did open enroll my kids into a better school district because the one we are in is so small I’m pretty sure it’s really a glorified daycare; much like the one I grew up in.  Yes, my kids are too smart for that place and I’m damn proud of it.  But I REALLY don’t care that yours are not.  They can probably do other things better then mine.  And I REALLY don’t care.  Yes, my husband makes what seems like a small fortune to you.  It’s NOT the reason I married him.  When we met, I was making an equal amount to him and even while knowing his potential still refused to go on a date for the longest time.  What part about I DON”T CARE about our economic differences don’t you understand??  If you can’t get over the fact that we are successful, make an honest living and work hard for what we do then, really, feel free fuck off.  Oh, you’re still stuck on “economic differences”?  Perhaps my four year old could explain it to you.”