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I don’t know quite how to describe my day today.  Best day ever?  Those don’t even come close to describing it.

It started out with a sexy note to my husband.  He loved it 🙂

Now that I’m all worked up, I happen to see Frank.  Oh boy…  that was sort of planned but not in the way it happened.  Hot damn!!  We had arranged a meeting for this morning but I just wasn’t expecting anything super perfect because of how often we are usually interrupted.   He walked in and sat in the chair close to me.  He wasn’t having a very good morning at all.  He looked sort of defeated.  We talked business for our usual 3 minutes and then it started.  We entered some casual conversation or that’s what I thought.  I was thinking maybe he just wasn’t in a flirting type of mood or something.  Wrong.  It just took me a while to catch on.  Only this man can make me stir in my chair talking in complete code.  I have no idea why this was such a freakin’ turn on.  Maybe because it was so unexpected?  Weird?  Strange?  Completely unconventional?  I don’t know.  I replay the conversation in my head and the words make no sense, it was his tone.  Everything about it was sensual.  Yet he kept his distance, just out of reach.  I wanted to reach across and do him right then and there.  But no….  so I played along until I could see him shifting in his chair.  He backed up, I moved towards him.  I grazed his leg with a touch of my fingers pretending to move my purse.  I seriously felt like I was flirting with this hot guy in study hall in high school.  Ughh….  it was torture not to touch him further.  This went on for about 30 mins until he was paged.  He ignored it at first but it wasn’t long before someone would come in.  He made sure I knew to call him if I needed anything.  Really?  I needed something alright.  Something I can’t have!  We exchanged good-byes in the most professional way and I left.  Damn near dripping as I walked out the door.  How can random words seem so seductive?

I capped off the evening with a meeting with Mr. Gorgeous (aka Mr G).  Well, not just him but he was there.  We all met at a local bar to plan a community fundraiser.  How perfect…  I needed something to get my mind off of Frank for a while.  Every time I thought of his words I would get all worked up again.  Last time we heard of Mr G, he was tweeting about being happy to meet me or something like that.  Thankfully not many other people read into the comment.  The meeting started and he moved to sit across from me at the table.  He kept putting his feet next to mine; like intentionally touching them.  I moved.  He moved.  I moved.  Really??!  I couldn’t look at him.  We had a drink.  I moved my chair over to let in a late comer to the meeting.  He moved to the chair next to me allowing the newbie to sit in the more comfortable chair.  What a gentleman 😉  Eventually meeting ends and he finally gets the nerve to say something to me.  It was business as usual until everyone moved to the bar to watch the game.  He asked me to join his running group and enter in a race they are doing next month as they needed one more female runner.  Of course they did!!  I didn’t make any commitments just yet but I’m thinking about it.  We’ll see.  I was still worked up over Frank and then flirty attention from Mr G made it worse.  We made casual conversation, flirty small talk and then I left.  I have to contact him next week to work on some more stuff.  He’s not likely to go away any time soon.   Damn he’s good looking and smart…  oh how I love a man with a brain!

Did I mention my husband is still out of town.  This is pure torture.  Best day ever?