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Another twist, another turn…. ahhhhhh!!!

So a few weeks back I had to go visit my favorite doc ever 🙂  Well, yeah, anyway long story, short…. I have to stop taking my birth control pill.  My internal lady parts are angry and if we don’t calm them down, they will need to go away.  I’ve made numerous failed attempts to talk to the husband about adding another child to our family.  He never wants to talk about it and I figured that he just didn’t want any more and didn’t want to upset me by telling me this.  Especially since he’s back to a busy travel schedule and he wouldn’t have time to “deal with me” after that due to work.  After a lengthy conversation with the good doc we decided that ending the b/c was the best option as opposed to doubling  up on a hormone to counteract the imbalance.  This of course means that the husband needs to wear a rain coat or deal with the consequences.  The good doc, trying to not entirely break the man code, repeatedly reminded me of this and his (husband’s) possible rejection of this decision I made.  Quite blatantly I told him I understand how the reproductive system works and if the man doesn’t want another child, he’ll figure out a way to prevent it.  I come home, let the husband know what I decided and 10 min later we are wrapped up together throwing caution to the wind.  And all I can think of is “well, that went well”!!  So I remind him again that although this time probably wasn’t going to do anything, in the future we need to pull out the latex.  That lasted for two days…  another live round (actually two) and I can’t wait any longer.  So I ask, “we have had more sex in 1 week than we’ve had since our first year of dating.  And we are literally playing the lottery here…. what gives?”  his response, “Well…. I just don’t care either way if we have one or not and the sex seems better because it feels like we shouldn’t be doing it.  And I’m not wearing a condom so you can forget that idea.”  WHAT??!  So that’s out we roll apparently.  This is how we make major life decisions.  My husband would rather chance another child then wear a condom.  I had no idea they were that bad?!

I need to go back to the good doc in December to re-evaluate the situation and if I’m there for a prenatal check prior to this I’m pretty sure he’s going to die laughing.  Considering the badgering I gave him about how I’m very capable of learning the natural family planning methods.  Oh hell….