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I’m currently working with our school district in providing factual information for an upcoming referendum.  It is a HUGE topic of controversy among the “town people”.  People are completely divided but the demands of our school district.

What happened was the district presented this *dream* plan to the residents a while back that sent pretty much everyone over the edge.  It was an insane amount of money; taxes would have been hiked higher than ever and in times like this no one wants that type of history making.  They went back to the drawing board and ended up with 1/3 of their original plan.  It’s a good plan.  There are many schools in the district and a very wide demographic range.  It’s a tough sell for sure.

I don’t live in this district but my kids attend through Open Enrollment (it’s where you can basically go to any school that you want, regardless of district, as long as your *home* district agrees to let you go and your desired district let’s you in).  We do not have to foot a dime if this referendum passes.  Our home district is VERY small and very comfortable with what they have.  Even if they do a major upgrade, the tax increase isn’t likely to be much.

That said, I obviously want this to pass.  I’ve looked at the plans the school that my kids go to is VERY old and is much need of repairs.  READ:  asbestos in the floors that is currently exposed as well as the pipes, gym dubs as the cafeteria, library is out dated and lacks the technology to make it reasonably usable.  But this is only one part of like 6…..  I’m not as educated on the rest just yet but they are similar in the need vs want spectrum.

Even if we lived in the district I’d be all for this referendum.  It’s a small district by comparison to others in the conference and the tax mil rate is about half of those.  We have the same academic and extra curricular activities of the bigger schools and they rank right up there in excellence with those districts in those categories as well.  If you care at all about the options for your child(ren) to excel….  this is the best plan you will ever see.  You get the best of both worlds; you get the higher educational offerings of the biggest schools around in a much smaller setting for half the cost.  Who wouldn’t want that??  Of course this does not guarantee your child a spot in an Ivy League school nor does it mean they are going to play professional sports but it sure as hell gives them a boost.

I can appreciate the nay-sayers in that they don’t want their taxes to go up for what seems like a dream world.  We have a lot of rural residents with a lot of land that they have to pay taxes on.  I get it.  And I also complain when the property tax bill increases so I really do get it.

But what the hell people??  How don’t you get it?  How don’t you understand that by passing this you are investing in something other than yourself.   And that’s hardly true because your kids are a part of you.  But when someone says “I just don’t want it to cost me anything” what the hell is does that even mean???  Yet they complain about the deteriorating conditions of the athletic facilities and the schools themselves.  Since when is anything free??  Damn these people annoy me.  The worst part is I just had this conversation with a good friend of mine.  She’s not the brightest person but she has a good heart.   My kids adore her kids and she’ll break her own back to do anything for you.  I did all I could to convey factual information in a calm, collected manner.  My tongue hurts from biting it….