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I’m not feeling all that domesticated these days.  I just wish I knew where my motivation went.  It’s awful.  On the plus side I’m having a ton of fun with my kiddos.  The ONLY downside of that is my house could really, really use more than a surface cleaning!

Still not too sure about this whole stay at home thing but I might be getting the hang of it.  One would think this transition wouldn’t be so long or horrendous but is just is.  I am enjoying the time with my littles but I’m having a few bits of “guilty housewife syndrome” because I’m not keeping up that end.

I started putting up our fall decorations the other day and decided they needed an upgrade.  I went to a our local hardware store that has a fun little “craft” section and spent WAY too much money on fall decor.  It was fun.  I never spend like that and I’m feeling a little guilty but I kept the receipt so if the husband doesn’t like it, I can always return it.  I spent most of this evening putting it all out on display to see what he says.

TWW update:  my temp is continuing to rise and I’m 9 dpo…  I still don’t know if I’m praying for a dip & a spike indicating implantation or a complete drop indicating good ol’ AF is on her way.  I guess if my optimistic personality were making the decision, she would say no matter the outcome it’s impossible to be disappointed!