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I spent the afternoon listening to a friend of ours talk about his family and his in-laws.  He married into a VERY wealthy family.  His family was split with his father being a very hard, smart worker who was able to retire at 50 years old and has been enjoying all of his hard work and efforts in doing hobby projects.  His mother is a bit of a leech but manages to get by comfortably.  He rarely talks about her so I don’t know what kind of a mother she really is.  His wife’s family is the wealthiest family I know of.  Her father started and ran a VERY successful business on his own.  Her mother did not work outside of the home and I have no idea what she ever did.  There are 3 children in the family and they were basically raised by 2 full time nannies.  The youngest is the black sheep and moved away but has no problem living off of her trust fund.  The other two are in the area and bicker like brother and sister should.  My friend started out his post college career working for a dairy farm inseminating cows.  He is a classic b.s.’er and knew he if didn’t get to know the “money” in the area he was going to be shoving his arms into a cow’s lady parts for the rest of his life.  And yes, now he is married to the wealthiest family in the area.  His wife “works” for the business and he stay’s home with the kids.  Only the kids are in school now and he does nothing.  He’s looking for random things to do to fill his day.  Whatever.

The best part of this rambling is his in-laws are starting to divide up their estate for the kids.  The brawl has started and it’s only in the beginning stages of the talks.  Nothing has been put on paper just yet.  And they all hate each other.  The best part is my friend gets to sit back and wait and watch the fireworks while the family self destructs over even more money.

We have a comfortable amount of money to our name.  Nothing huge or significant but enough to get by and do what we want to do.  I told my husband this is exactly why we need to donate all of our belongings to charity when we die.  Our kids won’t end up with much from us but it might be worth it when they are still talking to each other at the end of the day 🙂