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I said if my optimistic side was in charge, there is no way I can be disappointed in the outcome for our first month of “natural family planning” right???  So it’s mostly true.  I’m mostly not disappointed.  Mostly.  I am officially out of the TWW and starting another month.  My husband was actually hoping I would be pregnant.  I am still having a hard time believing he really does want another child.  It’s so bizarre since he gets so frustrated with them so easily.  But whatever.  I want another and so we are officially giving it a go.  I’m terrified.

On another happy note we had the best weekend together.  Probably would have been better if we could have taken full advantage of our hotel room!!!  😉  We went to a college football game this weekend with some clients of his, sent the kids to Grandma’s for an overnight and ended up having the best time together.  We ditched the clients just before dinner (early game) and spent the remainder of the evening doing what we call the “Beer & Food Olympics”.  We have local brews & one appetizer item at each place we go so we can visit more local hot spots and taste the local fare.  We laughed so much and just completely reconnected.  It was sooooo needed.

I’m now ready for this marathon week that is completely full of everything, every day.  Ready, set, go 🙂