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We need a new vehicle since we’ve decided to expand the fam by one more.  My current vehicle will no longer seat all of us after the next one arrives.  I currently have smaller SUV.  The husband insists on getting me a minivan.  A minivan.  A damn minivan.  Seriously?  Does he suddenly hate me?  OK, OK, there is nothing wrong with people have them.  They are practical and nice when you have small kids.  Also, for the first time in a few years we might also be able to have more then just our family in one car at a given time.  We always have to drive separate from everyone else because we are completely full.  I did let him know that full size SUV’s will accomplish this same goal.  His defense is the gas mileage.  Ughhh….  damn it. I don’t want a minivan.  He just bought a new car last year and it’s a really nice one.  It has every bell and whistle on it and yet he is going to stick me with minivan.  Yes, I’m pretty sure he hates me.

It *almost* makes me want to second guess our decision just so I don’t have to drive that f’n thing.