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What in the world is a Life Coach?  I’ve heard of them before but really didn’t give them a moment of thought.  From what I’ve gathered it’s like a psychologist without the degree?  Like, anyone can be this person, you just need to market yourself well?  I may be WAY off on this but it’s what I’ve seen so far (5 min search on google!).  

I’ve had a number of friends tell me they started seeing a Life Coach because they just aren’t sure of the direction in their life.  They tell their entire life story to this coach and in turn they learn what is important to them.  They read these inspirational books and map out their options to help make them happy.  And then they create this action plan to achieve this happiness.  Sounds good?

No, it doesn’t sound good.  It sounds like a pile of crap.  I’m not saying Life Coaches are bad because obviously I’ve never been to one and I’ve only done about 5 min of research.  But this is what a friend of mine says about her Coach.   Her path included divorcing her very normal, supportive husband, playing mixed basket upset with her family and throwing her kids in daycare 13 hours/day (she was previously a SAHM.  Going from that to 13 hours of daycare is a HUGE change, it’s not bad, it’s a change).  But she says she feel like she finally accomplished something because it was on her plan.  Good for her.  I’m happy she’s happy.  I’m not happy she turned this page over night like it just wasn’t a big deal just because her Life Coach told her it was the right thing to do.

I don’t know.  I do a lot for my family and I make a ton of “sacrifices” because that is what I do.  But I can’t think of throwing that all away because I’m not happy at that time.  That I’m not able to communicate that to my husband, who knows a happy wife is a happy life!  Maybe there is more to this story but I just can’t get over how her and a few other friend’s of mine have taken to these “coaches” and all three are suddenly divorced, and seemingly setting aside their family to make themselves happy.