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The weekend went off without a hitch.  It was the first major fundraiser that I was in charge of and everything went fairly well.  I had the opportunity to see Mr G in rare form and meet his wife.  Actually we were all in rare form and therefore had a really good time!  Even my anti-social husband had fun and that was a different kind of fun all in it’s own 😉

Mr G was very stand-offish at first.  He felt very awkward talking to me or even acknowledging me until I broke the ice.  Of course as the day went on there were a number of alcoholic beverages consumed and that lead to a few flirty conversations, stolen glances and random touches.  Enough to feel the electricity.  Mostly harmless.

I think the most ironic part of the weekend is that I actually like his wife.  She’s my age (older than him!) and very fit and nice.  I had this really awful picture in my mind of her so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her.  A bit odd but very nice.  All around.