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I find it incredible how hard my husband works.  There is no way I could do it.  I would have caved under the pressure before it even started.  It’s weeks like these that make me appreciate him more than ever.  I can’t help the way my mind works.  I can’t help that I find flirting with Mr G good fun and entertainment.  I can’t help the way Frank makes me feel when we are in each other’s presence.  I am doing my best to tunnel this sexual energy back to him (my husband).  I am doing what I can to keep my feelings in check and my head and heart going in the same direction.  It’s not really that difficult but some days it’s take a more conscience effort than others.  

I have a lot of work to do in the good wife department and I hope I can step it up a little as I would say he’s holding up his end of the agreement pretty damn well.