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My daughter is too smart for her own good.  Now I know a lot of people use that saying; especially when it comes to their own kids.  She really is though.  Her mind is incredibly beautiful and I fall in love with it more every day.  She is generous and loving at just the right times.  She has her bad days as all young children do.  She still dawdles so much that I seriously want to pull my hair out.  She tests every limit at least 10 times before she decides where the line in the sand is drawn.  She’s loud when she should be quiet.  She runs when she should walk.  She cries at ridiculous things and is more dramatic then I can handle.  But I’ll be damned if she can’t turn it on at the flip of a switch if she senses the need.  

Today she was supposed to be trying on her new clothes that I bought so I knew if I could wash them or throw them in the “return” pile.  She was playing around, dancing, singing and doing everything possible to do the opposite of what she was told to do.  I about lost it as she’s been on the phase for far too long.  She tried to jump over my head (yes, I was sitting and she jumped over my shoulder and tried launch herself over my head) and I grabbed her legs and all but spanked her to get her to settle down.  Tears streamed down her face and she was mess of emotions.  She said she was just trying to give me a hug.  Right….  And then she throws this at me, “You just can’t do that” *tears, sobs, crying* “You don’t hit people like that or spank them or anything.  It hurts people and makes them sad.” *more tears, sobs, crying*  She says again that she was just excited about all of her pretty clothes and wanted to hug me huge and say Thank You and I made her hurt and very sad.

Now, honestly, she wasn’t trying to give me a hug.  She wasn’t trying to say Thank You.  She was just doing her typical dawdling moves that drive me crazy.  Crazy enough to be moved by her speech and to let her know I was sorry I hurt her and just need her to follow directions.  

She immediately tried on her clothes and said “Thank you Mom!  You are the best Mom ever!  I love my new clothes and I love you!”

See what I mean?! 🙂