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I’ve been working with so many different types of people these past few months.  It’s so hard to connect with each of them because they are so different.  The worst part is we all belong to the same organization and need to work together and make decisions together.  There are the strong personality types working against those they know they can run over and leave at the door.  There are the silent but deadly type that say nothing in the group but hit the gossip pages the second we all walk out of the door.  Perception is reality.  It’s how we live our lives and what we believe in.  Of course it is possible to change our perceptions as new information comes forth but for the most part it is what it is.  I have no business telling someone their perception of a situation is wrong, nor do I believe anyone should tell this to me.  

Sometimes people have problems looking beyond what’s on the surface.  Kind of like “beauty is only skin deep”?  Instead of being so quick to “judge” someone or something, take a minute to think about why they have the perception they do.  Understand where people are coming from and how they think.  Look beyond their words and remember they have a reason for saying them.  

If you demand open and honest communication, it’s imperative that you do the same.  If you value relationships you need to learn how to do this tactfully.  You’ll be with one part of the group at some point and they’ll start to talk about the other half of the group and they’ll ask for your thoughts or opinions.  Open and honest; after all they are forming their own perceptions of you.