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I attended my first *Gala* last week.  It was probably the most informal one I could find and therefore probably the most fun.  It was a costume dress event with a theme from the “Roaring Twenties”.  I had good word from one of the event directors that people go all out for the dress on this night so I visited a local costume shop and turned me into…. well anything but me!  I am a longer-haired burnette so naturally I picked out an auburn wig with a short & sassy cut!  I don’t normally wear short dresses but I picked the hottest black flapper dress I could find.  Complete with feather headband, boa’s, gaudy make-up and heals to die for….  SOOOOOO much fun!  I did get the husband to dress up and much to his surprise he had a great time as well.  He doesn’t go for red-heads so he could have done without the wig but he was all into everything else.

Now for the best part…  Mr G and his wife were also in attendance.  His wife brought a friend (another woman) of her’s and the two of them proceeded to get inebriated.  Mr G was left to his own devices the majority of the night.  Not that he was the poor soul in the corner with no one to talk to.  He is a very personal man and we all happen to know a few other people there.   My husband and I made our way over by him a number of times as he seemed to need a distraction from his incredibly drunk wife and her friend trying to be the talk of the town.  Don’t get me wrong, I do think his wife is very nice, cute and usually orderly.  But tonight she decided to throw caution to the wind and get a little crazy… nothing wrong with that 😉  I did get to know Mr G a little more because of this.  At one point his very drunk wife managed to dump an entire glass of very expensive wine all over the entire floor w/out tipping her glass or dropping it.  It was pretty magical actually because I still have no idea what happened but the effects of it’s stickiness on my feet and shoes were immediately known.  If she was the least bit sober, I’d say this was intentional b/c Mr G was laying it on pretty thick with his body language.  But she had no idea she did it.  Miraculously he kept his composure and she proceeded to Mr Bartender for another glass.  Pretty sure my husband would have made me apologize and then he would have walked me out the door.  Not Mr G….  he apologized to me, offered to purchase a new pair of shoes for me and asked me if he could do anything for me.  Ummmm…..  I’m wearing a wig, looking incredibly hot and no where near my comfort zone, completely turned on by my overly flirtatious husband (who has now, by the way, walked over to someone else he knew and completely engaged in some sports related conversation) and a few cocktails down, including one on my feet, and he asks if there is anything he can do for me??!?!?  Oh, yes sir, there is and there is a dark corner to our left that is unoccupied.

Possibly another time… in another life.  I did find my husband shortly after and we made our way home and he had his way with another “woman”.  I need to do this more often 😉