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I’m so disgusted with some people’s kids right now I could throw up.  What happened to parents actually being parents to their children and not their damn friends?  OK, let me  start over…..  There is a fine line between being a parent to your children and being their friend.  I want, more than anything, to be my daughter’s best friend.  But, more so, I want her to grow up knowing how to treat people and with a good head on her shoulder’s.  I want her to be smart enough to make good decisions and when she doesn’t she’s able to learn from the bad ones.  I understand there is going to come a point (there already has) when she’s going to to *hate* me and I’m not going to be her first choice for the best friend award but it will be because I’m striving for the later and that’s just how it’s going to be.

Recently, though, I seem to be meeting these Mom’s that don’t share this opinion.  Their kids are weak.  Weak.  The Mom’s are shielding their kids from conflict.  They are stepping on grenades for their kids because they think they are doing them a favor.  Example:  An unruly brat child on the school bus was a constant problem for the bus driver.  After several attempts to fix the situation the bus driver finally called her Mother to let her know of the situation.  The Mom’s response:  “You need to earn the respect of my daughter before she will respect you.”  Another example:  A few Mom’s from the school did a dance to Thriller dressed as zombies for the kids during their lunch hour.  The majority of the kids loved it.  A few smaller kids were scared.  The next day, one of the Mom’s dropped her daughter off at school, left without saying a word and went home and put out a complaint on Facebook.  She says her daughter is terrified to be alone and is very upset with the school for allowing these Mom’s to do this without previewing the act first.  (BTW:  they did preview it as it was done for the older kids in the school first with a good 20 min b/t acts.  If it was unacceptable, they would have mentioned it and the last act would have been called off.)  This Mom also called a few other Mom’s complaining and yelling at them.

There is no way I’d let me daughter disrespect anyone, regardless of the reason.  It’s called growing thick skin and taking the high road.  Along those lines, what happened to the saying “respect your elders”???   If I had a problem with something the school did, I wouldn’t be throwing my complaints behind the Facebook shield, I’d be at that school talking to the principal finding out what the real story was.

I know it take’s all kinds and these were just two examples but these people make me sick.  Common decency is completely lost and it bothers me sometimes.  You can’t do anything without offending anyone.  There is always someone trying to start a new “movement” and be the next big thing.  While I’m all for innovation and growth and new direction…  there are just some things that are constant and I wish it was common sense and the good will of people.