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So when I left you all last, I do believe I was struggling with my head (always).  Does that sound right?  I couldn’t (can’t) figure out why I can’t shake some of these people out of my head.  I still can’t.  

Mr. G has and is invading my dreams night after night.  I’ve never tried so hard to not get too wrapped up in something ever in my life.  Perhaps this is the reason?  My dreams of him are quite intimate and romantic.  It’s no surprise that this matches his personality.  I see him in the mornings each day and we’ve moved passed a casual hello to personal conversations that usually go beyond the time we need them to. They are about nothing in particular but they happen and I almost wonder if people notice them.  I don’t see anyone else lingering around?  Odd…..

Saw Frank for a distance the other day by chance…..  I instantly get butterflies in my stomach when I see him and I can feel my eyes brighten.  I don’t know if I can *not call* him much longer.  

I’ve been alone so much lately.  Both physically and mentally.  And physically alone means, no husband.  I still have my kids 🙂  When my husband is around I seem to pounce on him at every opportunity.  I’m surprised we’ve managed to avoid getting pregnant.  We are NOT careful at ALL.  At this point, it really makes no difference to me if we do have another so if it happens, it happens.  If not, well, I’m good with that.  

Enough of my randomness.  I need to sleep more.  It’s the reason for my lack of posts lately….  no more up all night reading, commenting, liking or posting.  Not as much fun 😦