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Someone shoot me now.  I feel like I’m on some sort of bad reality show and I’m hoping they come out and say “punked” soon.  Please, someone say it soon so I can continue on with my life.   Here’s a recap and I’ll try to be brief.

Thanksgiving.  The husband is hunting with the guys.  He’s been gone since Friday.  He’s ready to come home.  Kids and I do our own Turkey Trot and have a blast.  No really….  it was so much fun with just us!!  Husband asks 20 questions about our day and as I expected he surprises the kids by coming home a day early.  I’m excited b/c I can now go Black Friday shopping 🙂

Friday – get up early & hit the stores with my Mom.  We have a great day and I ended up getting a shit ton of stuff for my husband.  Completely unintentional b/c none of it is Christmas gifts but it was a really good deal and he REALLY needed some stuff.  He’s crabby when I get home b/c our daughter is having some “bathroom” issues.  Fast forward to our conversation after his shitty attitude and he thinks I’m lying to him about how I’ve been dealing with our daughter’s issues.  Now this is all my fault.  He also took it upon himself to clean out our refridgertor.  I come home, exhausted and he leaves me with a counter full of crap.  He complains about EVERYTHING I bought for him and continues to flip out on me  over daughter’s bathroom problem.  Now, it was pretty bad and we debated on going to the doctor that night but decided to wait it out until the morning.  I’m pissed off so I just go to bed.

Saturday – daughter is having major pain and issues so we decide to go in.  He suggests I stay home with the other kids.  Ummm….  no.  I find a babysitter b/c that is not an option for me and I’m not about to take perfectly healthy kids into the sick ward if I don’t have to.  He’s pissed off b/c I didn’t ask him Mom to help out.  (She’s ditched me and the kids, last minute so many times I can’t depend on her for anything.  Not to mention she needs an instruction manual every time she watches the kids.)  I explain to him why I’m not dealing with her and that I’ve already taken care of it.  He’s pissed off even more now.  Fast fwd to an better feeling daughter and some very relieved parents.  I bust out the wine that evening to break the tension and it works.  Head to bed, do a little dance under the sheets and call it a night.  I decide to just let it go.

Sunday – He takes it upon himself to make plans to go get our Christmas tree (a very big tradition for me) and decides we are not going to church, but instead heading to his parents to get our tree.  Not that big of a deal, but perhaps he could have let me know about this so I can make sure the people that are expecting us to be there, know we aren’t able to make it.  Fine whatever.  Drop it and move on.  I’m so annoyed with him at this point and most times my MIL drives me batty crazy.  I try and put on my big girl face and have a good time.   I fail miserably when he’s so rude to me and kids.  I bring it up on the way home and he says he’s trying to make our little guy tougher b/c he’s such a mamma’s boy.  WTF????  I”m OK with wanting the kid to grow a set b/c sometimes he is whiny but what does rudeness have anything to do with it?  Our kids learn from us and when we are rude, they will be rude.  It’s that simple.   Christmas time is a very fun and special time for me.  I remember it being so much fun as a kid.  I want to create new traditions with our kids and make some wonderful memories with them.  It’s very, very important to me.  But he turned it into a very stressful, chaotic disaster.  Not entirely his fault but my little guy was being awful and not allowing me to do anything.  He’s been like this for a week or so.  I don’t get anything done.  Kids decide to play nicely, I get through my stuff.  Bedtime turned horrible in an instant and he just sat on the damn couch looking at his computer.  Daughter had an accident in the tub, son was bring sassy and miserable and everyone was crying and screaming.  He just sat there.  After the kids were in bed I get blamed for turning them into a-holes and he never heard that I needed help.  OK…  you’re right.  I suck as a parent.

To top it all off, I’m trying get some photobooks created for Christmas and f’n Shutterfly didn’t save it and I spent hours getting stuff done last night for nothing.  And tonight when I went to start recreating my masterpiece the damn site was down.

I popped some popcorn, grabbed a beer and turned on some football.  And now my team is getting their butts kicked.

So again… someone please say “You’ve been punked”.  Please.